Herein is a list of activities and assignments and the grade breakdown.

Please take not of the different expectations for undergraduate and graduate students (BIOL848) within each assignment, and the different roles for the debates.

  • Debate focused on a major wildlife issue (10%) Debate guidelines | Here |
  • Review of peer-reviewed article (10%)  Review guidelines and designate articles | Here |
  • Field book including habitat, species descriptions, insights from visits to communities & all field data (20%) | here |
  • Written critical review of a major issue in conservation relevant to East Africa that encompasses field experiences, exercises and data (Undergrads: 10-12 pages double-spaced 12 point font, excluding figures, tables and references. Grads: 15-20 pages, double-spaced 12 point font, excluding figures, tables, and references). For undergrads you must include at least 10 references from the primary literature. For grads you must include at least 15. Due: August 3rd 2019 – send pdf to

Here is a list of some | Superfluous phrases |

  • Participation in class discussions & field activities (10%)
  • Blog entries (alternating groups of students write daily entries for a course blog describing their insights) (10%)