Below we present the provisional itinerary. We wish to emphasize that this is a field course and that means that we all must be flexible and relaxed about schedules. Scheduled events may change due to inclement weather, logistical challenges, illness etc. Regardless we will see and learn much!

Date Day Site Activity
9thJune Sunday Nairobi (Kolping Guest House) Arrive Nairobi 9:50PM on KLM

Staying at: Kopling Guest House

Ndemi Road, off Ngong Road

Adams Arcade area

P.O. Box 51981, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 20 562575

10thJune Monday Nairobi (Kolping Guest House) 9.00AM: Guest speaker on Mandate of KWS at the HQ

12.30- 1.30PM: Lunch

3.00PM Game drive Nairobi National Park

7.30 PM: Dinner at camp

11thJune Tuesday Nairobi (Kolping Guest House) 10.00AM- 3.00PM: University of Nairobi visit

4:30-dinnetime: Introductory lectures

12thJune Wednesday Nairobi (Kolping Guest House) 9.00AM- 11.30AM UNEP visit

12.30-1.30PM Lunch

1.30-3.00PM: Visit to National Museums

13thJune Thursday Mt. Kenya 8.30-12.00AM: Student journal article presentations

12.30-1.30PM: lunch

2PM: Depart for Mt.  Kenya

14thJune Friday Mt. Kenya 8.30-10.00AM- Student journal article presentations

1.00pm Lunch

3.00-4.00- Student debates

15thJune Saturday Mt. Kenya 8.00- 10.00AM Student journal article presentations

10.30- 11.30 Nature walk to the forest

1.00PM- Lunch

3.00-4.00PM: Student debates

16thJune Sunday Lake Naivasha, Camp Carnelley’s AM; Student journal article presentations / guest speaker

PM; Travel to Naivasha

17thJune Monday Lake Naivasha, Camp Carnelley’s AM; Boat ride for birding and hippo observations

PM presentations

18thJune Tuesday Lake Naivasha, Camp Carnelley’s Possible visit to a flower farm/fish landing site/Geothermal power plant

Class discussions

Water chemistry exercise

19thJune Wednesday Maasai Mara AM ; travel to Maasai Mara Narok District

4.00-5.00PM Student debates

20th June Thursday Maasai Mara 8.30-10.30AM: Game drive

11.00-12.00PM: Guest speaker on conservancies

1.00PM- Lunch

3.00-4.00PM: Presentations

21st June Saturday Return to Canada Depart Nairobi 11:40PM